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Welcome to Brittany Writes

Writing Help, Write Away!


Make a great first impression through carefully tailored resumes and cover letters. Already have a resume, but need to make updates? I can help!


editing Errors r a distrakshun!

Submit your documents to have a second pair of eyes carefully review your work before making an embarrassing mistake.


I create newsletters, press releases, business letters... you name it! Don't let generic, unprofessional writing damage the reputation of your business or organization.

About Brittany

How many of us ended up where we thought we would?

As a child, I imagined myself as a lawyer. I watched enough Matlock with my grandmother—enough to be certain that becoming a lawyer would be it for me. Once I hit high school, I was so intrigued by my AP Psychology class that I decided I’d be a psychologist. It wasn’t until I was on a campus tour (at a college I didn’t end up attending, mind you) that I realized my passion was writing and expressing myself.


I’ve always loved to write. I remember sitting at the computer for hours as a kid, plugging away at short stories that have (thankfully) never seen the light of day. Now, much of my writing is business-focused: drafting emails, letters, and creating various forms of marketing content. And editing… lots and lots of editing!


I graduated with a B.A. in Communications-Journalism from University of South Carolina Upstate and with a M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University.


In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, reading, and traveling. Keep up with my writing tips and posts on my blog.

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