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Happy Birth Day, Brittany Writes!

I haven't had the opportunity to give birth to a human baby yet, but I think this is probably the closest I've gotten so far.

Today's a birth day. Today, I launch Brittany Writes, my very own writing business (and this corresponding blog).

It's been months in progress. Coming up with an actual business structure, procrastinating, deciding services and prices, procrastinating some more, building a website... whew.

I imagine it's similar to the way an expecting mother begins to nest and make arrangements, plan and worry, and ultimately become anxious and impatient.

And now that birth day is here, a part of me wonders if I'll actually be able to do this. What if I fail miserably or make a horrible mistake?

But then, the other part of me rises up boldly and confidently. What if this is a great opportunity for me? I'll never know if I don't try.

What idea do you need to birth? What risk do you need to take? Let's get out of our comfort zones together!

Stay tuned for more blog posts and like my Facebook page for updates!

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