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Always Be Job Hunting

... that's the title of a book I came across on Amazon years ago, and it's always stuck with me.

(Hi! It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm going to do better, I promise! Back to the post...)

Although phrased differently, a former senior manager at my job also said the same thing. So, I job hunt weekly.

This is not to say that I'm currently looking to change positions, but it's always great to know what's out there for a number of reasons:

Maybe you do hate your job

And if you don't have the financial means to quit right then, I'd suggest a backup plan. Not just a backup plan, but a job that you actually like. Job searching regularly will make you familiar with the positions open and the companies hiring for things you want to do.

You want to develop yourself

As a communications major further and further away from undergrad, I'm noticing that the requirements for communications-related jobs are growing. Having social media and graphic design skills almost go hand in hand with communications/marketing positions. And obviously, with the ways of the world, that makes sense. Reviewing job posts and relevant qualifications can give you the time to learn and develop those skills before it's time to put in an application.

You're just plain curious

This is typically my category. Just about everyday I am amazed by the random things that people think of that other people actually purchase. And there are jobs where I think, "people actually get paid to do that?"

In my weekly Indeed search, I've been coming across this job often – Writer and Digital Archaeologist. Doesn't that sound fancy? (A blog on deciphering fancy job titles to come...) Reading more, it does sound interesting. You write descriptions to people's photos, and Amazon's Alexa will be able to tell people their photo memories. Who knew that this was an actual job that you could be paid for!

It's great to be curious about other jobs and stay in the loop. I frequently read The Muse, and there's an article there that echoes my thoughts. Check it out!

How often do you job hunt? Have you come across any interesting job descriptions lately?

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