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2017 Reflections & Tips

Happy New Year!

It's been a while, but now the holiday season is over, and things are getting back to the normal pace.

I've always loved rolling into a new year. It's a chance to start with a fresh slate and set some priorities and goals for yourself. I'm still working out the specifics (resolutions? monthly themes? a list of SMART goals?), but the overarching idea is to DO BETTER.

From drinking more water to being more engaged with the Brittany Writes community (that's you!), there are plenty of ways I could do better. Even though this is not entirely specific, I think the whole intention of improving is a great start. It makes you recognize that you have growth areas.

2017 was a great start to Brittany Writes, and I appreciate all of my supporters, readers, and clients! 2018 means more networking, building my client base, and honing my craft. I've got some workshops and online courses that I'm eyeing in order to expand my services.

It's so rewarding to turn your skills and hobbies into moneymakers, and I wanted to leave some tips I've picked up so far for any other aspiring business owners.

Create a Facebook account for your business

Separating your business and personal social media accounts is essential! It's more to manage, but Facebook has a lot of great tools specific to business pages. You can schedule future posts, boost posts for advertising purposes, and really tailor your page for the type of business you have. There's also a Pages Manager app that you can download for your mobile devices to take things with you on the go.

Take advantage of free, online tools

I've used Canva and Adobe Spark to create graphics and visuals to go along with my online posts. Right now, I'm working on creating brand elements for Brittany Writes (think colors and font themes) to give all my posts a consistent look. You can do this for free! With all the posts people scroll through on social media, work to make yourself stand out.

Another free tool I use is Grammarly. It is especially important for me to have error-free content, but it's key for everyone! If your business posts constantly include errors, I'm turned off. Grammarly checks your spelling/grammar and gives suggested corrections. You can even install the plug-ins so that it automatically checks within your web browser or your Word software. Let's be error free in 2018, okay?

What are your goals for 2018? Are there any free resources that you use and would love to share? Leave them in the comments below!

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